Music Studio Annual Concert

Music Studio Annual Concert

2014-04-28 15:45:41

Students attending the Music Studio will be presenting various pieces from the musical theatre, classical, pop and jazz repertoire during the annual music concert which is being held on the 13th May. Tickets for this concert are available from the reception desk at Chiswick House School

Summer Applications now Open

Summer Applications now Open

2014-04-28 14:51:57

The Programmes for our Junior and Youth Summer workshops are now available and applications are now being accepted. Visit our Summer School section to download your programme

Student Participates in Advert

Student Participates in Advert

2014-03-13 14:21:36

Stephen Galea, a grade 5 drama student at SOPA recetntly successfully auditioned to participate in an advert by Coca Cola. The filming under the direction of Frank Zammit and Francis Ghersci from The Bigger Picture, took place in a farmhouse in Attard. 

SOPA believes in exposing its students to as many audition opportunities as possible and is in touch with several film and drama companies to ensure that such opportunities are made available.

SOPA performs in Eurodisney

SOPA performs in Eurodisney

2014-03-13 14:14:39

35 students from SOPA will be performing in one of the theatres at Eurodisney in august 2014. This will offer a once in a lifetime opportunity of becoming a Disney performer for the day . Selection  followed an audition process where a DVD recording of the students performing was sent to Disney. This is what Disney had to say

\'We thoroughly enjoyed your audition and would like to congratulate you on the high level of your school. The singing was magical.We have accepted your group to perform.\'

The group will be performing excerpts from musical theatre repertoire as well as dance numbers including a tap number from \'Singing in the Rain,\' and from \'Moulin Rouge.\'

SOPA records Innu Malti

SOPA records Innu Malti

2014-03-13 14:02:57

Members of the SOPA choir together with other vocal students from the Music Studio were involved in a new recoding of the National Anthem. Members of the Laudate Pueris choir also joined the choir for the vocal recording which took place at the premises of the Malta Philharmonic Orchestra in Floriana. The visual recording took place later at the Manoel Theatre where these two choirs were joined by members of the Joseph Calleja choir.



2014-02-06 18:25:31

Students from DANCE EXPRESSIONS will be able to show off their performance skills during a dance presentation being held at the end of February. Entitled THE KINGDOM OF COLOURS, students will be taking the audience for a journey through various hues which have inspired the various songs, dances and choreographies. Tiny Tots will be performing to A DANCE AT THE PIER while the older Jazz students will be performing at dance number from MOULIN ROUGE. Other Dance styles include TAP, SPANISH, HIP HOP, BALLET and MT STYLES. Awards to promising students will be presented at the end of the evening.



2013-05-07 14:09:48

SOPA has put together a dynamic group of teachers so as to give dance students the opportunity of participating in a dance intensive youth program. Students will have the choice of taking the entire program which will include Ballet. Contemporary, Jazz, Spanish ,  Hip hop and body Conditioning.  Alternatively students may opt to register for individual styles.

Tutors for this course include Dancer and choreographer Dorain Mallia, who is also the director of Moveo Dance company, Welsh teacher and choreographer Douglas Comley, a highly-respected expert in the sphere of contemporary dance and who has performed internationally with several dance companies, Sue Vassallo who has today established herself as one of the top hip hop teachers in Malta, Christina Aquilina, a former member of Contact Dance company, today studying dance professionally in the UK and Bettina Von Brockdorff who studied at the Centro de Baile Jerez under the guidance of  Vicki Ramos.

The course will be held between Monday 22nd July and Friday 26th July 2013. Classes will begin at 5.30pm. There will be two levels available; intermediate and Advanced. Groups are limited to a maximum of 15 per class.



2013-05-07 14:07:41

"A word does not begin its life as a word, it begins its life as an impulse, which is transformed from an action into a spoken thought. Too often as actors we focus only on the text- and while this is invaluable sometimes we can lose contact with the instincts that should not only be relied upon, but which can create those moments in theatre which can
best be described as 'magical'.

In this workshop we will go back to basics and focus on a series of exercises to help us reconnect to the original impulse. Using several non-verbal theatre techniques, the aim of the sessions is to bring
together the physical and the verbal in an effective but simple way,
 hopefully enabling young actors to work productively and independently from the very beginning of their creative process."


Denise Mulholland, an experienced singer, actress and director, will be conducting these sessions which will be held between Monday19th and Friday 23rd August. Sessions will be held between 5.30pm and 8.30pm. Participants need to be 13 years and above. Group participation will be limited to 20. Applications are available by emailing



2013-05-07 14:02:47

Francesca Aquilina, who is presently at the Royal Welsh Academy reading for a Masters in Opera Performance,  will be holding an intensive singing course for those students who would like to focus their training over 3 weeks in July. The course will include 3 lessons a week culminating in a master class at the end of July. During this master class, students will have the opportunity of performing a song of their choice in front of their peers and in front of a singing professional who will offer them constructive criticism and advice. The individual sessions will focus on vocal technique as well as on interpretation.  Sessions will commence on Monday 8th July with the master class taking place on Saturday 27th July 2013.

Music Studio Concert

Music Studio Concert

2013-04-22 12:04:30

The Music Studio will be holding its first concert since it was officially launched as a music school. 90 students will be participating with instruments ranging from singing to piano, guitar, drums and violin. Different instruments will be joining forces to participate in various musical pieces that range from classical to pop and rock. At the end of the evening, the winners of the Music Studio Award and of the Oreste Kirkop prize for 2012/13 will be announced.

Dance Students Receive Awards

Dance Students Receive Awards

2013-04-16 16:02:29

The winners of the Dance Awards 2012/2013 were announced at the end of the Dance Presentation held recently at the Centenary Theatre in Kappara.

Jazz - Stephanie Bonnici

Hip hop - Davit Hovakimyan

Contemporary - Nicole Gera

Spanish - Hannah Spiteri

Classical Ballet Bursary- Yasmine Athena Abdilla

The awards were presented to the students by Ms Bernie Mizzi, a director of the Company at SOPA

Spanish Dance Examinations

Spanish Dance Examinations

2013-02-06 18:53:49

Students from Dance Expressions sat for their first Spanish Dance Society examinations in December. Victoria Ramos from Spain was the appointed examiner. All students, who were under the tutelage of Deborah McNamara, achieved excellent results passing with Distinction. Ms McNamara, who is an International Examiner for the Spanish Dance Society, also presented two candidates for Teaching Qualifying examinations. The teachers’ examinations were conducted by Sherrill Wexler and Victoria Ramos. Several students from Dance Expressions also participated in the International Spanish Dance Society seminar.

Students Perform UNCLE TOM'S CABIN

Students Perform UNCLE TOM'S CABIN

2012-12-05 10:57:47

A large number of senior students playing the lead roles together with Junior and middle school students recently performed the musical UNCLE TOM'S CABIN based on the story of the King and I. This performance took place at the Centenary Theatre in Kappara. In the lead roles Rebecca Attard played the part of Anna displaying the tenderness and strength required for this difficult role. Luke Hili as the King showed determination as he developed his role of the King who is calculating, yet also tender and at times even comical. Hannah Grech Pirotta and Daniel Bonello as Tuptim and Lunta, gave the production the right amount of romance it required, while Andrea Attard and Nikki Demajo Albanese as Lady Thiang were a picture of grace and intelligence.

One  must of course also mention the numerous children who played their roles so well, engaging with each and every moment and character as required of them. Kyle Borg and Aleks Andrejevic as Chululogom and Daavid Coppini and Sean Azzopardi as Lewis received the merited applause they well deserved for their excellent performance.

One must also certainly not fail to mention the excellent performance given by the dancers of UNCLE TOM'S CABIN. This was indeed one of the highlights of the performance and well appreciated by the audience each night.

Set, costumes, lights, singing, acting, props, masks; all came together to render this performance another unforgettable one for SOPA. 

SOPA students  participate in Ziguzajg Fringe

SOPA students participate in Ziguzajg Fringe

2012-11-06 12:04:05

The School of Performing Arts will be participating in the Ziguzajg Fringe Festival being held on the 17th and the 18th November. The School believes strongly in the participation of students in events as this forms an important part of its developmental program for students in all areas.

Grade 2 students will be presenting an original musical version of Jack and the Beanstalk in the theatre at St James. Directed by Larissa Bonaci and Lisa Bonello as vocal coach, the students will perform this 20 minute version which was presented for their LAMDA musical theatre group exam and for which the students obtained a distinctiion.

The Teen Company under the direction of vocal coaches Francesca Aquilina, Nadia Vella and Gillian Zammit and under the artistic direction of Jean Marc Cafa, will perform excerpts of musical theatre performances in the music room at St James. The Company is open to students at SOPA who are accepted following an audition which is held twice a year. 

The School of Performing Arts will also be presenting a short film entitled World Apart. This film was part of a project which was held at Roundhouse in the UK last April. As part of the project, the students had the opportunity of working with BBC director Kwame Kwei-Armah. This film will be screened in the cinema also at St James Cavalier.

Student Committee 2012/2013 elected

Student Committee 2012/2013 elected

2012-10-13 19:16:03

The members of the newly appointed SOPA student comittee were recently announced with the following students occupying the positions listed below

President - Nikki Demajo Albanese

Vice President - Rebecca Attard

Secretary - Michela Manduca

Treasurer - Daniel Bonello

Events Co-Ordinator - Rebecca Bonello Ghio.

The committee will act as a link between members of the teaching staff, the administration and the students at SOPA. They will also be responsible for the organisation of social events and for keeping students updated with any events which may be of interest to other students. The committee will also be liasing with the newly parents' committee.

The committee has been elected for the duration of one year. Nominations will be accepted for another committee in October 2013.



2012-10-12 09:14:17

The Music Studio choir under the direction of Joe Gatt, recently performed at St John's Cathedral in Valletta. Accompanying them on the organ was Ugo Agius Muscat. The choir sang various pieces which included the Schubert Ave Maria, Amazing Grace and Make Me a Channel of your Peace. The performance was part of an event organised by EC meetings for a group of delegates visiting the island. The choir which is made up of students 8 to 18 years of age who attend individual vocal training classes at SOPA. 

Specialisation in the UK

Specialisation in the UK

2012-10-03 14:41:41

Francesca Aquilina a singing tutor at The School of Performing Arts by Drama Troupe, and Christina Aquilina, a dance tutor, are presently in the UK. Francesca is at the Royal Welsh Academy of Music reading for a Masters in Opera Performance while Christina is at London Contemporary, taking a BA in Dance. Both are former Drama Troupe Students. Francesca is also coached in Malta by Musical Director and vocal coach Gillian Zammit, while Christina frequented The Dance Workshop where she obtained she Advanced 2 Cecchetti Diploma. Both girls have already been asked to perform in various projects during this first term at their respective Schools

Dance Expressions introduces LITTLE BEAR FEET

Dance Expressions introduces LITTLE BEAR FEET

2012-09-09 18:00:57

Little Bear Feet with Melody Bear classes are the perfect introduction to dance and movement for little girls and boys age 18 months upwards. The joys of dancing and singing are shared by teacher, parent and toddler as together they join Melody Bear in her journey to Nursery Rhyme Land. How will she get there? Will it be by aeroplane, car or flying carpet? Who will she meet? Will it be Humpty Dumpty or Mary Mary Quite Contrary? Delightful interpretations of traditional, familiar nursery rhymes together with new music and songs inspire children's natural zest for dance, movement and self expression. The use of props, mime, songs and rhymes enrich and charm the budding dancers as they take their first steps into the magical world of Melody Bear.


Little Bear Feet classes are the first step in the Melody Movement dance program. In addition to movement skills, children are introduced to other fundamental curriculum learning skills such as counting, colour and shape recognition, vocabulary and language skills. The strength of the system is that learning is achieved through imaginative movement which is enjoyable and fun. Melody Movement provides every child with the opportunity to discover and fulfil their own potential whilst nurturing creative development. The non-competitive award schemes motivate, delight and inspire the young dancers as they advance from Little Bear Feet classes to the Junior Ballet levels


Senior Students Awarded Scholarships

Senior Students Awarded Scholarships

2012-09-07 22:14:54

Kay Dimech and Michela Manduca, two senior students attending the summer program at SOPA, were awarded scholarhips at the end of two Summer Showcase Performances which were held at St James Cavalier in Valletta. Kay Dimech was awarded the Commercial Dance Package which includes a choice of any 3 dance styles of her choice, while Michela Manduca was awarded the Acting Package which includes the Musical Theatre Grade classes, the Musical Theatre Dance Class and the Spoken Voice class. '

The Junior award, announced the previous week following the performance of 'Panto Pandemonium,' went given to Ella Gullaimier while the dance awards went to Megan Micallef and Nehir Turker.

Grade 8 student to play Gaston in Stage Coach

Grade 8 student to play Gaston in Stage Coach

2012-08-17 16:13:50

Niki Andrejevic was recently selected to play the part of Gaston in a production of 'Beauty and the Beast'. This performance is being put up by Stage Coach at the end of October. Niki, has been a student for the past 12 years and has passed all his musical theatre exams with high marks. He has also taken individual singing lessons with Gillian Zammit and has been sitting for Trinity Guildhall singing exams. Over the years Niki has played principal roles in various Drama Troupe performances including the part of 'Joseph in 'Joseph and his Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat, 'Troy,' in High School Musical and Link Larkin in 'Hairspray.' Recently he performed with the Teen Company in 'Old Possum's Book of Practical Cats,' where he played the role of the 'Rum Tum Tugger.' 

The School of Performing Arts by Drama Troupe is very proud and honoured that one of it's students has been chosen to play this important role. 

Award Winners 2011/2012

Award Winners 2011/2012

2012-07-12 09:07:39

During he End of Year Performances which were held at St James Cavalier, SOPA presented awards to the following students:

Initial Awards - Veronica Borg ( Initial) , Franky Attard ( Grade 1|)

Junior Awards - Acting - Jasmine Farrugia ( Grade 4), Singing - Sophie Bugeja ( Grade 3) , Dance - Elena Mirone ( Grade 3), Junior SOPA Award for initiative - Maia Buttigieg, Junior SOPA Award for excellence - Maisie Rake ( Grade 2)

Senior Awards - Acting - Dillon Henessey ( Grade 6), Dance - Kay Dimech ( Grade 5) Singing - Luke Hili ( Grade 6) , Senior SOPA Award for Improvement - Stephanie Bonnici ( Grade 5) , Senior SOPA Award for excellence - Elle Borg - Grade 7

Oreste Kirkop Singing Prize - Rebecca Attard

Paul Xuereb Prize for Initiative - Daniel Bonello

The Prizes were awarded by Ms Bernie Mizzi and Ms Jo Caruana.

Students from each grade performed various mini musicals in front of family and friends

Introductory and Preparatory Groups  - Skellybones

Preliminary Group - The wizard of Oz

Level 1 - Annie

Grade 1 - Roald Dahl's Jack

Grad2 - Alice

Grade 3 - Hairspray

Grade 4 - Seussical

The senior students presented a showcase made up of various dramatic and musical theatre pieces. These included scenes from Shakespeare, Group devised pieces based on Greek theatre, scenes from musical including Ghost, Into the Woods, Wicked, My Fair Lady and Snoopy.

Trinity Guildhall Music Exams

Trinity Guildhall Music Exams

2012-06-25 13:08:43

Excellent results were obtained by students of the Music Studio in the May/June 2012 session under the expert guidance of Gillian Zammit, Francesca Aquilina and Joe Gatt.

Initial Grade - with distinction- Maia Buttigieg, Amy Grech Pirotta, Maisie Rake, Elena Mirone, Joy Fleri Soler, Nicky Gambin, Charlotte Borg, Sophia Xuereb, Stephanie Bonnici

Grade 1 - with merit - Emma Tonna; with distinction- Megan Maistre, Julia Mattocks, Alexia Manduca, Niki Demajo Albanese, Keith Fenech ( drums)

Grade 2 - with merit - Kay Dimech; with distinction - Rebecca Attard, Katya Azzopardi, Sue Pace, Michaela Agius, Julienne Restall, Hannah Grech Pirotta, Jasmine Farrugia

Grade 4 - with merit- Rebecca Fenech; with distinction - Livia Massa, Sarah Pace

Our singing programme are designed to cater for different levels and different voice types. Contact Gillian Zammit for more information

Sweeney Todd Summer Intensive Course

Sweeney Todd Summer Intensive Course

2012-05-21 07:21:59

Stephen Sondheim and Hugh Wheller’s chilling, suspenseful, heart pounding masterpiece is the perfect focus for this one week intensive musical theatre workshop intended for theatre students 16 and above.  The operatic complexity of the score- it is almost entirely sung through- makes it darkly spellbinding. Sophisticated, macabre, visceral and uncompromising, the musical nevertheless has a great sense of fun, mixing intense drama with amusing moments and dark humour.


Participants will be divided into two groups according to acting/singing ability and experience. Acting, Singing and Dance sessions will focus on the following skills


  • How the text and the  music informs the performance and characterization
  • Diction
  • Song Study- solo and ensemble
  • Scene Study
  • Speech
  • Dance and Movement

 The Course tutors will be Rob Wilshaw and Jean Cafa together with vocal tutor Francesca Aquilina. Leaflets and application forms will be sent on request.

Rob Shaw joins SOPA staff

Rob Shaw joins SOPA staff

2012-05-07 04:58:34

 Rob Wishaw has joined the teaching staff at the SOPA. Following a workshop given by Rob for the SOPA  in April 2012, Mr Shaw was asked to join the staff on a more permanent basis.

Rob Wilshaw trained at the Guildford School of Acting, where he graduated with a BA Hons in Musical Theatre. Performance Credits include Betwixt!, Iolanthe, Evita UK Tour, Blood Brothers and a number of pantomimes. Besides extensive experience in theatre-in-education projects, Rob has also tutored for the Arts Educational Schools and West End Stage, and at GSA.

Rob will be tutoring various aspects of musical theatre within the school. The SOPA would like to welcome Rob and have full confidence that he will be a valuable asset to the school.

Teen Company performs PRACTICAL CATS

Teen Company performs PRACTICAL CATS

2012-05-03 06:45:06

The SOPA Teen Company under the direction of Toni Attard will be performing in the theatre at St James on the 5th and 6th May 2012. Part of a MINI YOUTH FESTIVALwhich also includes a performance by  Stage Coach Further Stages, the company has been working on a devised performance based on T.S. Elliot's Old Possum Book of Cats. Also included are various song and dance numbers based on the musical 'Cats.' The Musical direction is in the hands of Joe Gatt while choreography is by Jean Cafa'. 

This is the second performance put together by the Teen Company, the first performance being a musical presentation'Back to the 60's' as part of the ZIGUZAJG festival for children in November 2011. 

Auditions for SOPA students who wish to form part of the Teen company are held annually in September.

Rob Wilshaw to Conduct Blood Brothers Workshop

Rob Wilshaw to Conduct Blood Brothers Workshop

2012-03-14 09:34:41

About the Workshop:

The Blood Brothers workshop with Rob Wilshaw will enable students to work on characterisation and various acting techniques. This is achieved through a set of exercises which explores:

  • The approach to creating a character
  • The relationship between characters
  • The power and status of a character
The script is then used as a tool to connect the characterisation with the text in order to bring it to life.

The workshop aims to give students the confidence to make bold acting choices through a deeper understanding of the fundamental acting techniques.

About Rob Wilshaw:

Rob Wilshaw trained at the Guilford School of Acting, where he graduated with a BA Hons in Musical Theatre. Performance Credits include Betwixt!, Iolanthe. Evita UK Tour, Blood Brothers and a number of pantomimes. Besides extensive experience in theatre-in-education projects, Rob has also tutored for the Arts Education Schools and West End Stage, and continues to teach at GSA.

Applications are to be completed and returned to school by Monday 12th March. All payments must be made by the day of the Workshop. 

Price for the Workshop is 30 Euros

The Workshop will take place on the following dates:
  • Monday 26th March 17:00-20:00 (12-15 years)
  • Tuesday 27th March 18:00-21:00 (16+ years)


2012-02-13 14:02:16

School of Performing Arts by Drama Troupe recently held the finals of the Musical Theatre Competition . 15 finalists were selected from a total of 39 participants by judges Rachel Fabri, Coryse Borg and Deedee Clarke

The finalists performed a 4 minute musical theatre piece to a large audience and judges Toni Attard, Denise Mulholland and Claire Cassola. The audience was also given the opportunity to vote for their top three choices.

Sarah Pace placed first with her performance of ‘Can’t Say No,’ from ‘Oklahoma', and was awarded a Drama Trip to London. Joy Fleri Soler with her powerful interpretation of ‘Poor Unfortunate Souls,’ from ‘The Little Mermaid,’ placed 2nd while Nicky Gambin placed 3rd with his rendition of ‘Get me to the Church on Time,’ from ‘My Fair Lady.’

During the event, Ms Rosetta Debattista distributed certificates and medals to all the successful candidates who had sat for their LAMDA Drama Exams in June.

Flamenco Classes

2012-02-13 13:55:01

Dance Expressions will be running Cuarto Ano Flamenco classes, commencing on the 9th January. Sessions conducted by Deborah McNamara. Flamenco classes for children and for adults also available. Email us at / for more information.